Finding Worth In What You "Do"

Finding Worth In What You “Do”

I wanted to be excited about my evening out. As a stay at home mom, an evening out with my husband was something to look forward to. Oh I know, I know, it was a holiday party. Although you never know what to really expect, it was a break away from the usual routine of housework, kids, and homeschooling. “So, what do you do?” asked … Read More

Vegetable Beef Soup. Enjoy comforting cold weather soup without skimping on the veggies!

Vegetable Beef Soup

Happy New Year! Our new year has begun with beautiful gently falling snow and bloody cold temperatures to go with it. I don't like to be cold. While so many are … Read More



His face reflected such deep concentration as he bent over the small paper leaf, gripping his pencil too tightly. He'd just learned a new cursive letter and insisted … Read More


Handmade String Art

We have had some busy weeks beginning our homeschool year and fall activities. As we are beginning to settle into routine enough to let out a sigh, I suddenly … Read More


Finding Purpose In The Memories

Memories and emotions are funny things. Although they know no bounds of time, time can cause memories to stir and emotions to come to the surface. At least that … Read More