Finding Purpose In The Memories

Memories and emotions are funny things. Although they know no bounds of time, time can cause memories to stir and emotions to come to the surface. At least that was my weekend experience, where ten years felt like yesterday, as I reflected on the anniversary of the loss of my son. The morning of my son's funeral I awoke not … Read More


Our 2014-15 Curriculum

Over the last couple of weeks, I have had several homeschooling moms ask me about my curriculum for this year. Although I understand the school season is beginning, … Read More


Burdens in the Wind

The other morning I was quietly enjoying my devotion time. I was a little behind my usual schedule, and the boys were up early. With one engaged in a craft, and the … Read More


Rite of Passage

I have come to believe parenting is the single most challenging privilege I will ever experience. The rush of … Read More


Best Homemade Bubbles Ever

My kids love summer! They often boast how school free summer days are the best. I firmly believe learning opportunities are always available, regardless the … Read More