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Stand Tall

My remaining frustration melted when I heard the scream. It was the kind of scream that instantly pierces a mothers heart with fear and panic. Only moments before I was scolding my children. The warm spring days had drawn them outside. Toys that had been forgotten with the passing of seasons, suddenly scattered the yard. As dusk … Read More


Anchor Of Faith

Some of the most difficult moments I've experienced as a mother have been watching my children face disappointment. My mother's heart wants to wipe away their tears … Read More

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A Lesson In Listening

Getting children to listen and follow directions can be challenging. Too often I find myself having to repeat directions, and provide constant monitoring to make … Read More


Teaching Kids To Set Boundaries

My son appeared fine when I picked him up from his Sunday school class. As we descended the stairs to the main floor, I was stunned when he adamantly and loudly … Read More

Vegetable Beef Soup. Enjoy comforting cold weather soup without skimping on the veggies!

Vegetable Beef Soup

Happy New Year! Our new year has begun with beautiful gently falling snow and bloody cold temperatures to go with it. I … Read More



His face reflected such deep concentration as he bent over the small paper leaf, gripping his pencil too tightly. He'd just learned a new cursive letter and … Read More