My Secret Drop Chip Cookie Recipe

There's a lot of cookie baking activity going on in my kitchen this week. With an upcoming county fair, the boys are practicing their independent baking skills. County fairs can have some brutal cookie competition, so the boys are using my secret drop chip cookie recipe. The best part of this recipe is simplicity. I add the … Read More

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When the Baby is the Lesson

I looked at my calendar this week, and was shocked to notice it's already August. It seems it was only a few days ago we sat our school books aside for a much needed … Read More


Rite of Passage

I have come to believe parenting is the single most challenging privilege I will ever experience. The rush of responsibility in holding a new infant, the joy of … Read More


Best Homemade Bubbles Ever

My kids love summer! They often boast how school free summer days are the best. I firmly believe learning opportunities are always available, regardless the season. … Read More


Oh the Games Girls Play

When my daughter was only a few years old, I had a major “uh oh” moment. She had approached me with a gentle smile and big eyes, and quietly asked for a special … Read More