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A Lesson In Listening

Getting children to listen and follow directions can be challenging. Too often I find myself having to repeat directions, and provide constant monitoring to make sure directions are carried out. Recently, I was delighted to find an art project that held the hope of a listening lesson. What I expected to be a short lesson involving … Read More


Teaching Kids To Set Boundaries

My son appeared fine when I picked him up from his Sunday school class. As we descended the stairs to the main floor, I was stunned when he adamantly and loudly … Read More

Vegetable Beef Soup. Enjoy comforting cold weather soup without skimping on the veggies!

Vegetable Beef Soup

Happy New Year! Our new year has begun with beautiful gently falling snow and bloody cold temperatures to go with it. I don't like to be cold. While so many are … Read More



His face reflected such deep concentration as he bent over the small paper leaf, gripping his pencil too tightly. He'd … Read More


An Open Letter To Walmart

Dear Walmart, I never imagined I would be “that” blogger. You know, the one writing an open letter to a large company, ranting about my concerns.... In … Read More


Church Hopping with Kids

Over the last several weeks, my husband and I have found ourselves on a most interesting adventure. We have been visiting different churches within our … Read More