An Open Letter To Walmart

Dear Walmart, I never imagined I would be “that” blogger. You know, the one writing an open letter to a large company, ranting about my concerns.... In truth Walmart, I usually like your stores. I admit I don't care for the crowds you sometimes draw, and find the social media pictures of some of your customers to be … Read More


Church Hopping with Kids

Over the last several weeks, my husband and I have found ourselves on a most interesting adventure. We have been visiting different churches within our … Read More


Handmade String Art

We have had some busy weeks beginning our homeschool year and fall activities. As we are beginning to settle into routine enough to let out a sigh, I suddenly … Read More


Finding Purpose In The Memories

Memories and emotions are funny things. Although they know no bounds of time, time can cause memories to stir and emotions to come to the surface. At least that was … Read More


Our 2014-15 Curriculum

Over the last couple of weeks, I have had several homeschooling moms ask me about my curriculum for this year. Although … Read More


Burdens in the Wind

The other morning I was quietly enjoying my devotion time. I was a little behind my usual schedule, and the boys were up … Read More

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When the Baby is the Lesson

I looked at my calendar this week, and was shocked to notice it's already August. It seems it was only a few days ago we sat our school books aside for a much … Read More