His face reflected such deep concentration as he bent over the small paper leaf, gripping his pencil too tightly. He'd just learned a new cursive letter and insisted he had enough letters to write out, in cursive, what he was thankful for. With satisfaction, he announced I could put his leaf on the thankful tree. As he held it up for … Read More


An Open Letter To Walmart

Dear Walmart, I never imagined I would be “that” blogger. You know, the one writing an open letter to a large company, ranting about my concerns.... In truth … Read More


Church Hopping with Kids

Over the last several weeks, my husband and I have found ourselves on a most interesting adventure. We have been visiting different churches within our … Read More


Handmade String Art

We have had some busy weeks beginning our homeschool year and fall activities. As we are beginning to settle into routine enough to let out a sigh, I suddenly … Read More


Our 2014-15 Curriculum

Over the last couple of weeks, I have had several homeschooling moms ask me about my curriculum for this year. Although … Read More


Burdens in the Wind

The other morning I was quietly enjoying my devotion time. I was a little behind my usual schedule, and the boys were up early. With one engaged in a craft, and … Read More