2013-14 Curriculum Preschool, 2nd, and 4th Grades

Curriculum is all here!!! Yes, I’ve finally conceded that fall has arrived, and with it our curriculum purchases finalized.

Little Bear is very excited to begin school this year. By age, she is considered preschool, but with a late fall birthday she could almost be considered a young kindergartener. After much prayer, I felt she was up to some challenge.  She could hardly contain her excitement when learning she had her very own “big kid” textbooks. IMG_5064

Little Bear’s individual curriculum is:

IMG_5065Magoo is in 2nd grade this year and his individual curriculum is:

IMG_5069Columbo is in 4th grade and his individual curriculum is:

  • Math U See Gamma
  • A Reason For Spelling level D
  • Handwriting Without Tears 4th grade
  • Reading – mom’s list
  • keyboarding – Typer Island Typing Instructor

Together the little will be going through:

  • Beautiful Feet Early American History a Literature Approach
  • Beautiful Feet Geography through Literature (mapping for Columbo and Magoo)
  • Beautiful Feet Teaching Character through Literature
  • Awana Club
  • Keepers of the faith
  • continuing with Drawing With Children to be followed by unit studies of art appreciation
  • nature studies

The littles have been filling their question books over the summer months, with many new curiosities. Their questions are wonderful for creating short unit studies.

I am utilizing Charlotte Mason Help, Simply Charlotte Mason, and Ambleside Online to create reading lists’ as well as other curriculum support.

We begin our new school year next week. This week, we are getting our house orderly and our hearts ready for learning, I delight in the excitement of the littles as they anticipate new discoveries in books and adventures.

How are you beginning the new school year?


  1. Connie Hatten says:

    AWESOME!!! I miss those days, the Fall feelings of a new school year, believe it or not! God Bless you all and give you a wonderful school year Teresa! Many wonderful adventures I wish for all of you! Treasure.it! <3 <3 <3…….Connie

    1. Connie, I do treasure it. Keep reminding me through as I need that!!! 🙂 You need to be a “guest” teacher for us sometime. 🙂 Really, it would be so fun to have you over!!!! Fun for the kids and for me!!!!

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