2021 Homeschool Review Favorites

We have had a very busy review year. I’m extremely thankful for the opportunities the Homeschool Review Crew has afforded my family. We have used some amazing products for our home and homeschool, and it’s time to share our review favorites.

homeschool review

Throughout 2021, the crew reviewed a number of wonderful products. Many were a good fit for my family. Looking over our reviews for the year, I was surprised that we had completed 25. Although we enjoyed them all, we were asked to choose our favorites based on a list of categories. I’ve listed our selections with links to the full review.

Literature and Reading Rescource:

Dyslexia Gold – This is an online program to help struggling readers and children with dyslexia. Students with some other vision disorders can benefit from this program through vision training exercises and games. It has provided support for my son who has an eye disorder and has helped me to better understand how vision affects learning.

Vocabulary Resource:

Critical Thinking Co Vocabulary Virtuoso – This program for 6-8th grade covers PSAT vocabulary words. This was a summer review for us and my daughter sped through the lessons with little excitement for workbook assignments. As she has continued during our full-time school schedule, it has become a favorite subject.

Language Arts Resource:

EdAlive Words Rock – This game-based learning program for K-10th is a lot of fun. It covers both basic and advanced grammar skills, spelling, punctuation, and vocabulary. We found it to be a wonderful tool for summer learning, and a fun resource during our full-time school year. Even my older boys enjoyed using it for some language arts review.

History/Social Studies Resource:

YWAM Publishing – We are never disappointed with books from YWAM Publishing. My kids thoroughly enjoyed reading a biography of Billy Graham with discussion questions and activities from the study guide.

Science Resource:

Greg Landry’s Homeschool Science – We had the opportunity to review two science programs. Study Skills / Measurement / Lab Reports / Graphing and Exercise & Sports Physiology. These are self-paced online courses for 4th-12th grade homeschooled students.

Math Curriculum:

Teaching Textbooks Math 4.0 – This app-based program does all of the teaching and grading. It provides audiovisual instruction, assignments, and tests. Students work independently with little to no parent involvement.

Math Supplement:

MathRider – This is a computer program that offers students a fun way to practice math facts. It is designed for students aged 6-12 years old. Students can practice math drills, in a fun and non-competitive format, to improve mastery.

Bible/Character Resources:

Positive Action Bible – This curriculum, designed for 6th-8th grade, is a wonderful study to transition middle school students into more challenging material. I really enjoyed working through the study with my daughter during the summer review period, and the conversations it generated. She has studied more independently during our full-time school schedule. We continue to enjoy rich discussions about what she’s learning.

Fine Arts Resource:

Artistic Pursuit – This 18-week course offers instruction on the six elements of art while providing the student with methods to create their own original work. The course does not simply teach a technique for drawing but motivates a student to observe their environment and recognize the elements of art within it.

Elective Resources:

Personal Finance Lab – This online game is designed to teach kids foundational skills in personal budgeting, business, and economics. My high school boys really enjoyed this program and learned a lot about budgeting and finances.

Book/Book Series:

12 Gates Publishing – The Hamlin Stoop series is wonderful juvenile fantasy fiction. The adventure will draw the attention of both youth and adults.

College Prep Resource:

The Homescholar – This online membership program teaches parents how to create a transcript and records to support their student in obtaining college admission and scholarships. Even if a child is not college-bound, records are necessary and The Homescholar can help.

Helpful Tools and Resources:

Fermentools – Fermented foods offer amazing health benefits. This product will have you fermenting vegetables from your own garden with ease.

Be sure to check out the 2021 Blue Ribbon Award winners as voted on by the entire Homeschool Review Crew.

homeschool review

My family and I are looking forward to another review year. If you are interested in helping other families learn about products to support their homeschool, consider joining the Homeschool Review Crew!

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