Archer and Zowie {Book Review}

I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Hans Bluedorn Brings us Fallacy Detective and Archer & Zowie

We are big fans of The Fallacy Detective. When we heard Hans Bluedorn had written a new book, Archer and Zowie, we were eager to read it.

We received a paperback copy of the book. It contains 233 pages over 18 chapters. In a letter to the reader, the author suggests it can be read in under two hours given its size and widely spaced type.

The book contains sketched illustrations by the author. His humor was evident as he offers a process for a refund if the reader dislikes the book, but only if it’s not about his illustrations.

The text is written in more of a dialog format.

Archer and Zowie are two friends with crazy imaginations. They turn a microwave into a “teleportee” to order up everything from a space gun to a hot pastrami sandwich.

When their inattentive babysitter sends them outside, they go on adventures to a faraway galaxy. While encountering alien penguins their underlying bond of friendship is put to the test.

This book is a combination of science-fiction and silly antics. Initially, Johanna did not like the dialog style format of the book. As she continued reading it became more comfortable and she enjoyed it. I think the format would make a fun read-aloud for someone that is good at creating unique voices for the characters.

Overall, Johanna liked the book. The zany adventures and sci-fi twists of Archer and Zowie are not a genre she usually reads. Although the book is recommended for upper elementary and middle school, she felt elementary-aged kids would enjoy it the most.

Click on the image below to read how the review crew has been using Archer and Zowie and The Fallacy Detectives from author Hans Bluedorn.

Hans Bluedorn Brings us Fallacy Detective and Archer & Zowie

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