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Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

I have a reluctant artist. My middle school son Jacob has never been a fan of coloring, cutting, drawing, or anything slightly artistic. He is however a builder. When I saw we could review Sculpture Technique, Construct, by Artistic Pursuits Inc. I was hopeful it was the art curriculum for him.

Artistic Pursuit Inc.

Sculpture Technique, Construct is an introduction to sculpture and contains four units:

  • Creating Form in Papermaking
  • Creating Planes in Cardboard
  • Creating Motion with Papier-mache
  • Creative Volume with Wire

A supply list is provided for each unit.

The course is designed for middle and high school students. Upper elementary students could complete the projects but would need some parental assistance.

Each unit focuses on a different element of sculpture. Images of work by contemporary artists help the student to see and understand how the elements are used. Projects begin with an explanation of the materials being used and ideas for inspiration. There are clear instructions for the projects with a brief explanation for each step, and visual examples.

Scheduling Jacob’s art lessons were different from this curriculum. There were times we were guided by the materials. When making paper we had to stop and allow it to dry. It was a great opportunity for him to independently plan and guide himself through the lessons.

How we used the curriculum:

I worked with Jacob as he began unit one. We read the lesson explaining form, and reviewed the materials page regarding the properties of paper. The instructions lead us through the process of making our own paper. As it was our first time using a Grummer’s Dip Handmold, I was thankful for the thorough project directions with pictures.

Artistic Pursuit Inc.

The first project Jacob completed was a low-relief sculpture using paper. It is a type of sculpture where parts project out slightly from the background.

Artistic Pursuit Inc.

He continued on with additional lessons more independently. Jacob practiced the method of forming handmade paper. He cut out pieces of the paper and moistened them to form into specific shapes.

Artistic Pursuit Inc.

Jacob really likes Sculpture Technique, Construct. Although he is learning elements of sculpture, he likes that the course is more project involved. He prefers hands-on learning, and really enjoys the projects. As lessons continue, he is especially looking forward to the unit involving papier-mache.

I am thrilled to find an art curriculum that is a great fit for my active son. It was fascinating to help him create his own paper. I noticed he took a little too much pleasure seeing old math sheets blended to a pulp, but it was a fun way to recycle. I would definitely recommend this curriculum.

If you would like to try a drawing course, the curriculum author is offering a 16-week FREE summer video series for beginning students.

Artistic Pursuit Inc. offers fine art instruction for K-12 grades. They now have online courses for K-3rd grade levels. Visit the Review Crew to read more reviews for this and other course levels.

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