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I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

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I recently had the opportunity to review Beginner Level, Art Core 1, Drawing with Graphite Pencils from ARTistic Pursuits. As it is a beginner drawing course, suggested for students from 4th grade to adults, I thought it would be fun to try the course with my high school son.

I received the course hardcover textbook with a DVD/Blu-ray set of video instructions. This is a non-consumable textbook and would provide unlimited use. For the purpose of this review, I additionally received access to the online course. The online option is two-year access to a digital flipping book identical to the physical textbook, and streamed video lessons.


This 18-week course is recommended to be scheduled two days per week. The course contains nine units and has four lessons per unit for a total of 36 lessons. The instruction focus is upon the six elements of art while providing the student with creative methods to create their own original work.

The unit topics include:

  • Line
  • Space
  • Shape
  • Texture
  • Value
  • Form
  • Animal Forms
  • Human Forms
  • Man-made Forms

Each unit is presented in four separate lessons. The first lesson in a unit includes 6-10 minutes of video instruction. Students are given direction on how to use their materials for the topic of the unit and then encouraged to practice what they have learned. The three additional unit lessons are provided in the textbook through written direction and pictures.


Students are given a creative assignment in the second lesson of each unit. They continue to apply what they have learned from the first lesson using observations and ideas from their own environment.

Using great works of art, the third lesson of each unit shows students how to recognize the elements of art in historical pieces. These lessons include fascinating facts about the artist and the historical time they lived.


In the fourth lesson of each unit, students create an original work of art while applying what they have learned. Each unit suggests different objects to draw such as household items, outdoor landscape, or images from a photo.

Using the program:

I was a bit surprised when my son Jacob eagerly agreed to take this course. In the past, he has tried to avoid art related instruction. He loved taking a Sculpture Technique course from this company last year, so I was delighted to see his continued art interest.

Because of Jacob’s vision, he did not use the course online. He watched the DVD video instruction and used the physical textbook. He worked independently on the lessons and often continued to practice the techniques in his free time.

Both the video and text lessons had clear directions with supporting images. Jacob especially appreciated how assignments were not just steps of what to do next, but also included some explanation of why a technique was done a certain way.


I viewed the online course and found it easy to navigate. From my course page, I could view a video or select the textbook. Although I usually prefer physical books, the digital book was easy to navigate and read.


I have not drawn in years, and it showed in my homework. Although I did not practice as much as Jacob, I really enjoyed the lessons. The course does not simply teach a technique for drawing but motivates a student to observe their environment and recognize the elements of art within it.


Jacob and I both enjoy and recommend Beginner Level, Art Core 1, Drawing with Graphite Pencils. Click on the image below to see how other members of the review crew are using this and other courses from ARTistic Pursuits.

ARTistic Pursuits Drawing


  1. you did good. I’d like to take a drawing course like this sometime

    1. Thanks Annette! It’s been fun to get back into drawing, and I especially enjoy watching my son’s talent grow and develop. It’s a great course if you decide to take one.

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