Attended By Angels – Part 2

If you read part one of this story, you know that my son Alexx faced cancer while in the company of angels. A trinket, a coin-sized piece of metal that held the image of an angel, served as a reminder to him of God’s provision. Eventually, we took the trinket out of his treasure box, and that is where this story continues.

Attending Angels

Alexx was diagnosed with terminal cancer toward the end of 2003. Our country was engaged in a middle eastern war. At 8 years old we did limit his access to information, but news of conflict, terrorism, and military actions was all over the television stations. We had family and friends in the military. For Alexx, that made it personal.

I had a coworker and friend that was a reservist. Her husband was full-time Navy, and most importantly to Alexx, her son was his friend. It did not matter that we no longer lived in the same community or saw them often, they were soldiers for our country and his friend was HIS FRIEND!

At the time the news of Alexx’s health was shared with friends and family, my friend’s husband was out on a Naval ship. We were quite simply overwhelmed with appreciation when he mailed Alexx cards of encouragement that were signed by so many of his shipmates. No longer did Alexx pray generically for our troops, he had names to specifically lift up in prayer.

After completing radiation treatment, Alexx improved. The tumor had shrunk from treatment and he was feeling almost like his old self again. He enjoyed time with friends and family, summer camp, and many activities that every 8-year-old boy should experience.

By mid-summer Alexx began to again stumble, his speech slurred and he was tired. The tumor was growing. While continually praying for a miracle, we treasured every precious moment. Through it all, times of feeling good, and times of illness, he remained a little prayer warrior.

When Alexx and I prayed together, we would take turns lifting up our hearts to God. One day he just wanted me to pray. I thought he was just tired, so agreed. His speech had become so slurred that I often could not understand him. The next time we prayed, he again just wanted me to pray. When I asked why he became upset and confessed that he was frustrated that his words could not be understood.

God hears the prayers of our hearts. He can read our thoughts. He could understand the slurred words and mumbles of a boy. I explained that to Alexx, and he seemed relieved. He began to pray again, and when he was done, we agreed he would squeeze my hand so I would know it was my turn.

I did not need to hear the words of his prayers. I had heard them before. I knew his heart. ā€œJesus I pray you will take away the bump in my brain and make me better. If you want to heal me in heaven, that’s okay too. Jesus, please watch over our soldiers. Help them not to be afraid and to know You are there. Send Your angels to watch over them. Jesus, I heard some of my friends are scared for me. Help them not to be scared. I know I’ll go to heaven. I pray they know You so they will one day be there too.ā€

We took Alexx’s angel out of his treasure box one day. My friend was being deployed. I told her the story of Alexx holding the hand of an angel. I knew the small piece of metal could not protect her, but it could serve as a reminder of God’s protection. I told her she had to bring it back to me in person, and I held her in prayer.

When I saw her again, she didn’t have the angel with her. She told me that she had carried it the entire time she was overseas. I suggested she keep it in case she was deployed again, or to pass it on to another soldier and tell them what it represented.

I’m not sure what I will do with the angel my husband gave me. Maybe it will go to a soldier or friend. Wherever it goes, it will come with the story of how one night a little boy was attended by an angel.


  1. Barb Hollace says:

    Teresa, Thank you for sharing your heart and your journey with the Lord through such an intense time of testing.

    I believe that God has used you and will continue to use you to bring comfort and strength to other moms in similar situations.

    All things work together for good to those who love the Lord. Standing with you today as you remember. My tears fall as I think of your loss but also with joy that Alexx is with the Lord. Healing hugs, my friend.

    1. Teresa Brouillette says:

      Thank you Barb! I truly appreciate your encouragement!

  2. I think the angel is the one I sent him, along with the small envelope containing the “rattlesnake eggs”. Remember that? It was a good angel / bad angel scenario

    1. Teresa Brouillette says:

      Yes Jeanne, you sent him the original angel. We eventually gave it to our friend in the military. Hope you approve how we passed it on. šŸ™‚ I remember the “rattlesnake” ha ha! Wasn’t that just a rubber band and paperclip or something? I had forgotten about that. You need to send that to the kids! šŸ™‚

  3. Theresa, thank you for sharing such painful yet precious memories of a dearly loved and missed son. I can’t even imagine – but I am sure you have shared the comfort you have received from our Heavenly Father with many as a result. May He continue to comfort you and your family with the promise of eternity with Alexx.

    With love in Christ~

    1. Dana thank you, and yes you are correct. God was so glorified through Alexx’s life, and through his death. We have been able to share His amazing comfort. It was truly a trial, with tears and laughter, that drew us closer to our Lord. Although he is deeply missed, there is such comfort from the Lord in knowing that I will hug him again.

  4. Marilyn "Marigold" Taylor says:

    I love this story and I loved Alexx…..we give these angels to all of our new camp counselors at Camp Goodtimes every year…..

  5. Bernadette says:

    So beautiful, Theresa. What a precious boy. What a wonderful God, who sends HIs angels. <3

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