Best Homemade Bubbles Ever


My kids love summer! They often boast how school-free summer days are the best. I firmly believe learning opportunities are always available, regardless of the season. We don’t always need a textbook to discover and learn.

Along with enjoying summer activities around our community, we also spend a lot of time at home. Although my kids are good at keeping themselves occupied, I like to throw in a few activities.

This week I emptied a laundry bottle and decided it was time to make bubbles. I was all over Pinterest looking for a recipe that would use ingredients I had on hand. Most did not recommend Dawn dish soap, and that’s what I use. Yes, I’m a dish soap snob and only buy Dawn.

Playing around with the common ingredients for bubbles, I came up with my own mix.

Best Homemade Bubbles Ever

12 cups water
1 cup Dawn Ultra
1 cup Karo syrup

Pour all of the ingredients into the clean laundry bottle. Give the bottle a good shake to mix. Let sit for about an hour.

I had purchased a couple of bubble tray and wand packs at the dollar store, and have saved some small empty bubble bottles. Little Bear was quite pleased she could independently refill her bubble containers with the easy spout of the recycled laundry bottle. She volunteered to test the mix and was delighted with the results. The bubbles were so impressive the boys wanted in on the action.

Not satisfied with small bubble wands we embarked on a new project. Dad added eye screws to the ends of wooden dowels and we looped them with about a two-foot length of string. We only had nylon string, so used cotton yarn on a second set to test if there would be a difference.

The kids soaked the strings in a tray of the bubble mix and discovered the cotton yarn was more absorbent and produced bigger bubbles.

Best Homemade Bubbles Ever

Best Homemade Bubbles Ever

It took some practice to get the hang of making bubbles with the homemade tools. We spent time experimenting with different lengths of yarn and found it hard to work with if we cut it too long. We plan to get some cotton string to experiment with later.

These have been the best homemade bubbles, and the mix is providing hours of summer fun!! My kids are having a great time experimenting and testing new theories for creating bigger bubbles. All the while they are boasting about the fun of these “school-free” summer days.


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