Bible Breakdowns {Review}

I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Teach Sunday School

I have always made bible reading part of our homeschool lessons. As my kids are getting older and study more independently, I want to give them tools for intentional Bible reading. My boys have recently been trying Bible Breakdowns from Teach Sunday School.


Bible Breakdowns are available in both and old and new testament printable packs. We received both packs for this review.

There is a single page for each book of the bible. The only exception is the book of Matthew covers two pages.

Each books page includes:

  • Book title
  • Location of old or new testament
  • Book number within the testament
  • Brief description
  • Number of chapters
  • Type of book, ie. history, poetry, prophetic, etc.
  • Date written
  • Time period covered
  • Author
  • Breakdown by chapter, verse and subject

Classic bible stories are color coded within the chapter, verse, and subject breakdown.


I am using these printables for my teen boys. I print the page for the book of the bible they are reading from. They keep their page in a folder containing their weekly schedule of assignments. A check box next to each chapter and verse breakdown allows them to easily track what they are reading.


This is a great tool for the boys to use independently. Some books would be more difficult to track daily reading when subjects cover multiple chapters. That aside, the subject list is helpful when looking for a specific chapter and verse within a book.

I really like how the classic bible stories are color coded. So many times over our homeschooling years my kids have asked to read a specific story. This is a wonderful resource to find it quickly.

We have found multiple uses in Bible Breakdowns from Teach Sunday School. It is a great support to our bible studies. Click on the image below to read how others from the review crew are using this product.

Boob-by-Book Bible Study Printable Breakdowns

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