Birdbath And Beyond

Spring fever has officially hit! As the weather outside becomes warmer and brighter, the littles want to spend less time indoors in the classroom. I confess I’m also eager to take lessons outside.

Recently we’ve been assessing our yard for bird-friendliness. We began by putting up a couple of simple bird feeders.IMG_4363

We planted numerous flower seeds for our hanging baskets. Our flower pots have always attracted many hummingbirds. IMG_4331We added sunflowers to our seed starts this year, that we will transfer to a bird-friendly corner of our yard. IMG_4332

Our most creative activity was making birdbaths. I found an easy idea at the National Wildlife Federation. (link is no longer available, but directions are below) Aprons on, we dived into painting.IMG_4337

The littles each created their own unique design while chatting away about how they hope the birds like their colorful baths.  IMG_4353

How we made a birdbath:

  • Paint a clay pot, turned upside down, with acrylic paint. Allow to dry completely.
  • Paint the bottom of a clay saucer. Turn the saucer right side up and place it on the bottom of the pot. The paint will “glue” it to the pot when it’s dry. (update: we later had to use glue as the saucers became loose from weathering.) Paint the rest of the saucer and let dry completely.
  • Place the birdbath in your yard and fill with water.

IMG_4356Some of our favorite school time has been spent reading in the sunshine. Soon the weather should be warm enough to take books and snacks outside on a blanket. We’ll be adding our bird field guide and some binoculars this spring.


  1. The bird baths look really pretty, especially in the picture surrounded by the little flowers!

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