Bountiful Beginning

We ordered and received our first Bountiful Basket and are thrilled!!! As cited in our first post regarding new year goals, we’re making deliberate decisions to improve our diet. I ordered our first bountiful basket and my husband graciously got up early on a Saturday morning to pick it up.

Picture 1312
Our first Bountiful Basket

As you can see in the picture, there was a nice mix of fruits and veggies. Given that it’s January, I was impressed! The little’s were especially thrilled for the treat of strawberries!! The basic basket had a cost of $16.50 (there was also an additional first time participant fee of $3. It’s one time, so I’m not officially counting that). There’s no way we would have been able to purchase that much for that price at the grocery store this time of year.

The morning of pick up, I enjoyed a delicious omelet that included the pictured peppers and tomatoes from the basket as well as a side of avocado (I’m hoarding those as the sole avocado eater in the family….MORE for me!!!). Hubby is the Saturday morning cook. I really should have taken a picture as it was truly a work of art with a side of bacon!

With Bountiful Basket we do not have control over what we receive. I saw this as a negative and a positive. Negative in that I might receive something that my family does not like and will not use. The positive in that we have it, paid for it, and need to find a way to use it. I’m big on no waste!

I chose to view our basket as a positive and saw a wonderful supply of brussel sprouts. If there was audio to this post you would now all hear my husband and kids making disgusting sounds. Ah brussel sprouts. The misunderstood veggie!! I personally like brussel sprouts. My husband took the high road and agreed to eat them if I could find a decent way to prepare them.

I was so glad that I had joined bountiful baskets facebook page as they had a number of suggestions including a pinterest link to some brussel sprout recipes. (apparently it’s not just MY family that snubs the cute lil’ veggies)

For dinner tonight I prepared this wonderful veggie as suggested by one of those recipes. It didn’t look very pretty so no picture and no link. Additionally it was not received well by the family so I’ll try a new recipe with the rest later this week.

Picture 1323Picture 1321






The little’s are great sport and agreed to try again if I make them, little green veggies,  in a different way. The main dish tonight was a crock pot whole chicken. I found a wonderful recipe on 100 Days of Real Food. The bonus to this recipe is the overnight crock pot broth. No, really!!! I have a BIG crock pot so I double the recommended celery and carrots to make a wonderful broth, (both came in my basket).  I’ve done this before and am very please with it. Great homemade broth for winter soups!!!

As an update on my personal exercise goals, I feel I need some encouragment. My goal is for 5 days a week of deliberate exercise. I confess that I came short last week by two days. This is a new week and I’m ready for a new start. Who’s with me?!?


  1. Lori Mahan says:

    Teresa, Here is a great suggestion for those wonderful little green vegetables we know as “Brussels Sprouts”. Our favorite way is to lightly toss them in olive oil, add sea salt, pepper and some granulated garlic then lay them on a baking sheet and roast them in a 400 degree oven until fork tender and slightly brown. They are delicious this way and maybe the kiddos will receive them a little better. Let me know if you try them and how they are liked.


    1. Hi sis! 🙂 That is really close to what I did. The recipe I found included bacon. I know what you’re thinking, “how can you go wrong when you add bacon?!?” I confess I overcooked them. On the bright side, the bacon pieces were crisp and yummy 😉

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