Celebrating With Songs

It is a bit of a joke in our family about how early in the fall season is appropriate to play Christmas music. Celebrating with songs is one of my favorite ways to worship God. I especially enjoy hymns.

Christmas Songs

Many hymns have a rich history and reflect a deep reverence for God. They are specifically written for the purpose of adoration or prayer. Angels We Have Heard On High has become one of my favorite.

The English version most people are familiar with was inspired by a French carol The Angels of Our Countryside. The well-known chorus Gloria in Excelsis Deo is Latin for Glory to God in the highest.

I have a fond family memory from a Christmas eve service when one of my boys was much younger. Singing loudly and clearly the chorus of Gloria in Excelsis Deo, he belted out Gloria hear me shout hurray-o. He had no idea his words were different from those singing around him. He knew the song was about angels announcing to the shepherds the birth of Jesus. He sang with all his heart as if he were one of those shepherds shouting hurray to news of the newborn King.

My Christmas music started playing especially early this year. It is wonderful to celebrate in song the birth of the Savior. It is the perfect season to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas, and to shout hurray-o.


  1. “he belted out Gloria hear me shout hurray-o.” oh. that would make me smile too! 🙂

    1. I so enjoy seeing my guys growing into young men, but I sure cherish memories like these I can look back on.

  2. That’s so special about your little boy. When my son was about two, he loved the chorus to Blessed be the Name. It has repetition of the title in the chorus. It’s all he knew to the song, but boy could he ever sing it!

  3. I love the memory of the singing of your young one. What a special memory and what a great lesson for us all – sing it out and sing it out proudly.

    1. The memory always reminds me of the Lord’s words in Matthew 18 about humbling ourselves and becoming like little children.

  4. Oh I love it and I have to think that God must also love it when his children sing with all their hearts, even if the words weren’t quite what was expected!

    1. I treasure the sweet moments with my kids when I see their hearts for the Lord. I am sure He delights in them too.

  5. I love the words God put into your son’s heart to sing out! I love the Christmas hymns too!! They hold so much promise and joy.

    1. Yes, hymns hold so much promise. We’ve studied many within other assignments, but we’re starting to do deeper research. I’m fascinated by the history.

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