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I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

I often hear parents say they are homeschooling only until high school. The thought of creating records for upper grades is just too intimidating. I understand their feelings and am so thankful for the opportunity to review the Comprehensive Record Solution from The HomeScholar LLC.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve been putting off high school records for a few years. I kept a running list of classes I taught my boys, but that was it. When a computer crashed last spring, I lost my list and fell into panic mode. As I started reviewing this program, I immediately began to feel more at ease.

Lee Binz began The HomeScholar after homeschooling her own children. She learned the strategy for putting a complete record together to help her kids get into their first choice college on full scholarships. She uses her experience and knowledge to help other homeschool parents.

The Program:

Comprehensive Record Solution (CRS) is an online membership program. It teaches how to create a transcript and records to support your student in obtaining college admission and scholarships. Instruction is provided through video lessons, PDFs, templates, and samples.

The program modules are intended to encourage, equip, educate and empower. Parents will learn why it’s important to create records and be provided with the tools and templates needed. All of the course materials are available from a membership menu.

In the main video instruction, Lee compares the elements of a comprehensive record to steps in preparing for and making a dinner. As she related meal courses to the materials I need to create records for my students, I felt less overwhelmed with the task before me. A course handout is available to follow along and keep notes.

Additional information is available to educate parents. I’m finding the instruction and samples very helpful as I prepare to write course descriptions. After reading some of the samples I feel I have a better understanding of the descriptive writing style colleges want.

Why Make Records:

I knew I would eventually need to create a transcript for any of my students that were college-bound. I had no idea the documentation the college would want to consider or the benefit of comprehensive records to obtain scholarships.

Lee very practically explains that I am the school and required to create these records. Even if my child has no college plans, but decides to attend later in 30 years, a school transcript is required. That was sobering information for me. Transcripts may also be required for special programs, insurance discounts, or other opportunities. It’s my duty as a homeschooling parent to create these official records regardless of my student’s immediate college plan.

Program Membership Benefits:

In addition to the CRS program, I receive emails notifying me of additional training classes. A workshop on creating a transcript for a unique student caught my attention, and I’m glad I made time for it. It built on the instruction I’d already received and helped me better understand documenting delight-directed learning. I found it especially useful for my kids’ music involvement and livestock breeding projects. Lee also offered tips that will be useful in documenting some innovative study methods we use to support my son’s vision disorder.

I appreciated having access to the live workshop for the unique student. I could really hear Lee’s heart to help parents. Not just with putting together records, but also mentoring both seasoned and new homeschooling parents on their journey during the middle and high school years.

Final Thoughts:

I wish I’d had this program sooner. Despite starting my documentation late, this course has provided me with the tools to get our records in order. I will definitely start following Lee’s advice to make yearly updates.

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  1. Hi Teresa,

    What a lovely review! Thank you!

    Boy, I hope you know you are not alone when you say you have been putting off doing homeschool records! That is such a common sentiment. I am also delighted that when you got access to this program you “immediately began to feel more at ease.”

    That was exactly my goal in creating the Comprehensive Record Solution – to help parents get their homeschool records done quickly and professionally and put their kids in the best possible position to earn college admission and scholarships.

    Thank you for taking the time to review and being so thoughtful about it. I am so happy you “heard my heart” to mentor seasoned and new homeschooling parents during their journey of the middle and high school years.

    1. Hi Lee!
      I do know I’m not alone in putting off the homeschooling records because I know a few other moms doing the same thing. I’m now telling them about this program. Thank you for the review opportunity!

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