Drive Thru History Adventures ~ Bible Unearthed {Review}

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.


My family has had the opportunity to review Bible Unearthed from Drive Thru History® Adventures. We are huge Dave Stott’s fans, so we were eager to jump into the program.

About Bible Unearthed Course:

This is a 12-part course exploring history and archeology. It explains how archeological discoveries help us to better understand the ancient world.

Drive Thru History

A course guide provides suggestions on different ways to use the program. Although it’s designed to be completed over 12 weeks, it can be adjusted for varied ages.

Each week’s lesson includes a video episode, a written exposition, an optional activity, articles to dig deeper, and a questionnaire with an answer guide. The written exposition and questionnaire can be downloaded and printed for students to read, or can be read online.

Episode Titles Include:

  • Episode 1: What is Archaeology?
  • Episode 2: The Impact of Archaeology
  • Episode 3: Locating Archaeological Sites
  • Episode 4: The Life of an Archaeologist
  • Episode 5:What’s Being Discovered Today?
  • Episode 6:Archaeological Mysteries
  • Episode 7:Top Discoveries in Bible Archaeology
  • Episode 8:Getting Involved with Archaeology
  • Episode 9:Trends in Archaeology
  • Episode 10:Weird Archaeology
  • Episode 11:Accidental Discoveries in Archaeology
  • Episode 12:What’s Left to Be Discovered?

Drive Thru History

The videos average around 15 minutes. They follow a different format style than what we usually see from Dave Stott, but do not lack the humor and antics we have come to expect from him. In these episodes, Dave is joined by expert Titus Kennedy Ph.D., and Drive Thru History writer Randall Niles. The three discuss geography, archeology, and biblical history. They share artifacts and the fascinating history around them, as well as clips of archeological sites.

How We Are Using The Course:

We are following the weekly schedule suggested in the course guide. After watching the video, we read through the written exposition online which includes pictures of historical artifacts.

For the remainder of the week, my kids read the articles to dig deeper and work on the activity. I print a copy of the week’s worksheet for them to review while completing the lesson questions. At the end of the week, we discuss what they have learned and go over the worksheet answers.

Drive Thru History

I have really appreciated how this course has drawn the interest of my high school boys. The optional activity in lesson two suggested making a timeline. The boys would normally try to opt out of such a simple task or pass it off to their younger sister. After watching Titus Kennedy build and discuss a timeline using artifacts and biblical references, the activity no longer seemed elementary.

Drive Thru History

Using the linked dig deeper article on the importance of chronology, my boys enjoyed the challenge of putting events into a visual order. The article included a list of events with scripture references to accompany biblical accounts. They printed the article and cut out the list to glue to their own timeline, while their sister looked up a number of the biblical passages. She confirmed the scriptures listed did in fact match the events.

Drive Thru History


We are thoroughly enjoying Drive Thru History Adventures. It’s a great addition to our homeschool studies. Click on the image below to see how other families from the Review Crew are using this Bible Unearthed course.

Bible Unearthed {Drive Thru History® Adventures Reviews}

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