Exciting news for Magoo!

Magoo had his quarterly eye appointment yesterday, and received some very exciting news…..he can stop patching!!!!!

Picture 1240
No more patching!!!

Since late spring 2010 Magoo has been patching. He’s checked in with the pediatric ophthalmologist every quarter hoping he would received the news that he could reduce or, more hopefully, stop patching. Each visit he was encouraged that his eye was responding to patching and getting stronger, so continue on.

After 2-1/2 years of patching Magoo was ecstatic to hear he can take a break. Although his vision is clearly not perfect, progress from patching has plateaued. We don’t know what to expect next, so are taking this quarter to enjoy the break.

Two years ago, at the age of 4 ½, Magoo had never drawn a picture, hated to color complaining that he only knew how to scribble, and refused to attempt to write his name. I was dreading the day he officially began homeschool. About six months after he started patching he drew his first picture AND colored it AND voluntarily wrote his name. He had mom write “from:” on it. Homeschool looked much more hopeful! Praise God that we had his eyes checked! Don’t forget your kids’ annual eye exams!!!

Magoo’s first official art work from about two years ago.

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