Fair Beginnings

We have survived our first two weeks of school!! How are all of you doing?!?

The littles were thrilled to get back into a school routine. No, really!!! I was completely surprised when I had three smiling students rush to our classroom with excited anticipation. IMG_5084 (2)

The highlight of our first week was a field trip to the fair. We’ve enjoyed seeing friends participate in the past, so this year we decided to get involved too. Although Little Bear is too young to meet entry qualifications, she still participated in making crafts. While Columbo and Magoo entered tye-dyed shirts, Little Bear wore hers. IMG_5054

Magoo’s favorite entrance was his paper mache sword and shield. As my hands were deep in goo, providing direction and supervision, I did not take any pictures of our process. There is direction for a shield comparable to what he did <<here>>. His sword was similar to the pirate tutorial <<here>>. He rolled the sword loosely, and flattened it to look more like a broad sword, and then covered it with a couple of layers of paper mache. Once fully dry, he added paint. IMG_5051

If you have a fair in your area, I encourage you to participate. It was a great experience for the boys. They both won some blue and red ribbons, and were excited to see exhibits by friends. They are already planning and researching projects for next year.

Entering projects into the fair was almost as exciting as picking them up. Once the event was over, Magoo could hardly wait to try out the sword and shield. He was so thrilled he even asked Little Bear to join him for a game. Unfortunately, being the little sister, she had to wear the dragon costume. RUN!! IMG_5142

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