Farmyard Faith {Book Review}

I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

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I love adding quality books to our homeschool library. I was delighted to have the opportunity to review Farmyard Faith from Whatsoever Stories.

Farmyard Faith

Farmyard Faith is a compilation of events over a ten-year period. Author Kinsey M. Rockett shares the experiences and adventures of starting a farm. The softcover book has 26 chapters and is 203 pages. Each chapter tells a different story and ends by reflecting upon a life lesson or illustrating a biblical truth.

Farmyard Faith

Living on our own small farm, and having the experience of running from an angry goose, Johanna was immediately drawn to the image on the book cover. We read together and found several amusing stories and parallels to our own farm life.

We especially enjoyed the story of a wayward goat named Serenade. Although she was safely secured with all her needs met, Serenade just wasn’t satisfied. We learned a goat’s curiosity and intelligence can make them quite resourceful. With some investigation, the Rockett family was eventually able to keep the goat secure, and the experience was used to illustrate our own need for contentment in the Lord.

Farmyard Faith

Johanna and I both enjoyed Farmyard Faith. Although you do not need to live on a farm to like this book, we could identify with several stories because of our own farm experiences. Seeing how an event pointed to a life lesson or biblical truth was our favorite part of each chapter.

The book is recommended for ages 10-adult. Even younger children would enjoy the stories of farm animal antics. Captioned pictures are included throughout the book that provides a glimpse into the family and animals from the tales. When used as a read-aloud, the reflection of a life lesson at the end of each chapter can be used for discussion.

Farmyard Faith

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