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My family enjoys regular game nights, especially during the winter months. Every Christmas we like to add something new to our selection. If you are looking for ideas for your family, here are some of our favorite games.


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Early Learning:

Games are a great way to connect with kids and they hold many positive lessons. Like most families, we started our kids off with traditional games like Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, Yahtee Jr, and Hi-Ho Cheery-O. These are great for kids to learn turn-taking while practicing preschool skills. They can feel a little monotonous for parents after a while, but it’s worth it.

As Kids Grow:

As my kids got older I was excited to add more variety. There are a lot of strategy games for non-readers that help build skills for more challenging family games later. My kids loved early versions of games like Monopoly Jr and Quick Chess. HeadBanz and Guess Who develop deductive reasoning skills by asking yes or no questions.  There is a lot of reason and strategy practice with Sequence for Kids, Labyrinth, Mastermind Towers, Jenga, Connect 4, Checkers, Doodle Dice, Creationary, and Battleship. Many of these games we still have and enjoy.

Games make learning fun and are great tools for practicing numbers, letters, and building words. Games like Boggle Jr, Scrabble Jr, Zingo Word Builder, 5ive Straight, and Word Hangman.

Card games:

A quick card game like Uno, In a Pickle, Phase 10, Spoons, Old Maid, Crazy 8’s, and Pit, is a favorite activity in my home. Visual card games that teach attention to detail like Spot It, Blink, Set, and Snappy Dresser are not only fun but are also beneficial for kids in vision therapy.

Single-player games:

I began adding single-player strategy games to help manage homeschool time with multiple kids. They have become favorite activities anytime. Rush Hour is a fun starter strategy game, and we’ve added additional level packs for an increased challenge. We also enjoy Boggle, Tangoes, IQ Fit, IQ Twist, and Pathwords.

Story Cubes are a creative way to inspire writing projects or to play as a group. They will definitely engage a player’s imagination.


Family Games:

We love a good strategy game during our family game nights. Our most frequently played are Risk, Ticket to Ride, Catan, and Monopoly. There is always an abundance of both fun and fierce competition.

We haven’t decided on a new family game for this year.  We are considering another version of Ticket To Ride with Rails and Sails, Trekking the National Parks, or Trekking the World. If you have played these games, please leave a comment with your favorite.

Games are a wonderful way to help kids learn critical thinking skills while enjoying family time. We have spent years filling our shelves and have enjoyed hours of fun. I hope you’ve found something inspiring from our top choices. What are your family’s favorite games?

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