Greg Landry Homeschool Science {Review}

I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Greg Landry's Homeschool Science

Science has always been a favorite subject in our homeschool. With two students in high school, I am more intentional in considering courses to prepare them for college. I was eager to review Greg Laundry’s Homeschool Science as he is a homeschool dad, former college professor, and teaches from a creation perspective.

Greg Landry’s Homeschool Science offers online self-paced courses for 4th-12th grade homeschooled students. The instruction is offered on the Canvas learning platform. We received 12-month access to one course. We were provided with options between virtual laboratories or self-paced classes.

I let my son Sam review and select the class. He chose the Study Skills / Measurement / Lab Reports / Graphing course which is directed at middle and high school students. It is a half-semester course focusing on improving a student’s study skills.

The course contains seven classes covering:

  • Intro: Instructions and Introduction for Parents and Students
  • Taking Notes, Note-Sketching, & Studying
  • Test Taking
  • Measurement & the Metric (SI) System
  • Temperature & Graphing
  • The Scientific Method & Lab Reports
  • Scientific Notation & Magnitude Perspective
  • Statistics, Probability, Accuracy, and Precision

A study guide PDF is included to download and print or use on the computer screen. Each class includes 20-30 minutes of video instruction.

We have a very light school schedule during the summer. Sam hoped to review the course as a consideration for his fall science class. He began independently viewing one instructional video per week. When he insisted there were no assignments of any kind, my husband and I began the course instruction.

We found this to be a great course for students to learn important study habits. My husband has an advanced science degree and felt the note-taking class provides information he did not learn until a couple of years into college.

The course did not seem like a science course, but more instruction on how to take a science course.

The note and test-taking classes present information in a way the student would listen and apply it as needed at a future time. I would have liked real-world examples of how to use it. For example how the instructor would use it in physics, chemistry, or a biology class. I had Sam practice using the notes page from the study guide while looking up information to prepare for a rockhounding hike.

The measurement and metric system class provide a good introductory lesson in how to “think metric” and then incorporate it into science. The scientific method and lab reports class is a good breakdown of how to write a lab report.

This is a valuable course in helping students develop study skills they can utilize in a science course. The initial class on taking notes and tests would benefit a student in multiple subjects.

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