Greg Landry Online Homeschool Science {Review}

I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Greg Landry Homeschool Science

When my boys reached high school, I felt challenged to find a science curriculum I could easily teach. I was happy for the opportunity to review a self-paced course from Greg Landry’s Homeschool Science.

Jacob has always had some interest in the science of sports and fitness, so I wanted to try the Exercise & Sports Physiology course. We received a 12-month subscription that allows both boys access.

About the program:

Instruction is offered on the Canvas learning platform. The course includes an introduction video for students and parents and seven pre-recorded classes taught by Professor Landry. The recordings range from 20-40 minutes.

Greg Landry homeschool science

The classes included are:

  • Note-Taking, Studying, & Test Preparation
  • Bones, Muscles, & Training
  • VO2, Cellular Respiration, Training, & the Anaerobic Threshold
  • Cardiovascular Function, Training, & Heart Rate
  • Energy Expenditure, Glycogen, & Respiratory Function in Training
  • Live High, Train Low: Training in Altitude & Heat
  • Ergogenic Aids
Greg Landry homeschool science

A two-part study guide is available to open and/or download. It includes course materials that are referenced during the video instruction, printables that can be used for study aids or assignments, and chapter worksheets to review each lesson.

Greg Landry homeschool science

Our experience with this course:

The first class on note-taking, studying and test preparation provides instruction on how to effectively study and take a science course. We had previously reviewed the Study Skills / Measurement / Lab Reports / Graphing course, and this first lesson felt like condensed instruction from a portion of that course. Only Sam previously took the course. The shorter lesson was a good fit for Jacob’s academic proficiency and interest.

Greg Landry homeschool science

I did not want to be very involved in this self-paced course. I downloaded the study guide to view on the computer and printed the fillable pages for a week’s lesson. The boys easily logged into Canvas and accessed the course.

Jacob has not done a lot of note-taking, so this was a good opportunity for him to practice. He tried the notes sheet provided in the study guide but prefers standard notebook paper. After viewing a lesson, he completes the fillable pages from notes and memory before referring to the study guide.

Greg Landry homeschool science

Sam initially felt challenged to understand the expectations of the course. He likes lessons that have clear assignments where he can check the box of what he’s completed. Within the recorded lessons, Professor Landry suggests using the fillable pages and worksheets as needed. The lessons cover more than Sam’s interest in exercise and sports physiology. He is taking notes when reviewing the recorded lesson and completing some of the worksheets.

There is a great deal of information included in each class. Both of the boys are taking two to three weeks for each lesson. They watch the recorded instruction during the first week and complete the study aids and worksheets to help retain information. They have the option of reviewing the recorded instruction if necessary.

My boys are learning a great deal from this online Exercise & Sports Physiology course. This would be a good introductory course for any high school student interested in athletics or sports medicine. Students will obtain a better understanding of the human body and how it performs in exercise and sports.

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