Help Your Kids Learn and Love the Bible {Book Review}

I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

For years I have read articles by Danika Cooley, and have used resources from her bible curriculum. As I sat to read her new book, Help Your Kids Learn and Love the Bible from Bethany House Publishers, I felt as if I were joining a familiar friend for coffee.

I received a paperback copy of the book that is 208 pages. It contains 11 chapters that are divided into three parts: You’re the Leader, Faithful Reading, and A Daily Walk.

You’re the Leader: exhorts parents to intentionally read the bible with their children. Danika addresses common hurdles that hinder families from reading the bible together. She offers practical encouragement to consistently engage in bible study, taking into account the age of the children and family routine.

Faithful Reading: addresses the importance of reading the bible. Not just for our children, but as parents. We need to individually grow and pass the information on to our kids. This section digs into where the bible came from, discusses the literary genres, and explores historical context.

A Daily Walk: offers multiple ideas to help children explore the bible. From activities, memorization, and prayer, the section includes something for every age range.

When I first heard of this book, I was sure it would be best for parents of younger children. Despite my kids spanning middle and high school, I did find nuggets of encouragement.

This book demonstrates to parents why intentional bible reading is essential. There are many ideas and suggestions to help you make regular bible study part of your family routine.

Of all the lessons I teach my kids, I believe pointing them to the truth of scripture is the most important. As I read, I felt I was connecting with a kindred spirit of a fellow mother passionate about teaching her children the truth of God’s word. This would be a wonderful book to support Christian parents. I would especially recommend it to those with younger children.

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Bethany House Publishers

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