Hiding In Plain Sight

Do you ever feel like you’re hiding in plain sight? If you don’t want someone to find you, it’s more effective to find a place to actually hide. The ability to remain hidden will often depend on how hard someone seeks to find you.

hiding in plain sight

It’s human nature to want to feel connected to others. We are created to be relational. Even us introverts enjoy a quality connection, to feel we belong, and to have a place of community.

For over a year we’ve been told to hide behind masks and socially distance ourselves from others. Masked figures stand at the entrance of stores and loudly call out directions to anyone that dare not comply, regardless of the reason. Shoppers rush through the aisles with their heads down, taking care not to make eye contact. Self-serve registers have replaced formerly friendly store attendants.

Community requires one to be intentional. We are directed to gather together.

not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the Day approaching. Hebrews 10:25

To gather is to be in plain sight. As we assemble, we are extended greetings at the entrance with a smile and a quick word of welcome. Voices ask, “how are you” and the answer is always, “fine, and how are you.” We search for an authentic connection, and then go home.

Hiding in plain sight is easy if nobody is seeking to find you. As we gather, it’s tempting to play the game of pleasantries. Though by doing so, we will never truly exhort one another.

I want to hide. It feels safe and familiar. I have felt the sting of those proudly wearing a mask of contentment, and I am exhausted by social games. I also want to be authentic. Not just assembling together with others, but exhorting them on. I feel cautious, but know I should seek out others. Those that also come to gather, and like me, feel they are hiding in plain sight.

This post is linked with Five Minute Friday. This week’s word prompt is “hide.”


  1. Oh wow, we took pretty much the same title but went in completely different directions! I love this.
    I’m at #25 on FMF

    1. I have only participated in FMF a few times. Every time I have enjoyed seeing what the Lord puts on each writer’s heart. Such different journeys with the same word. I enjoyed yours. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I work with preschoolers & it can be so hard to make connections when we can’t see the faces & words are hard to hear. It’s like we are all hiding & it breaks my heart.


    1. I am thankful my kids are homeschooled. Still, masking is so hard during community activities and zoom feels impersonal. I cannot imagine the impact on preschoolers. My heart goes out to you.

  3. oh, I feel your pain. I’ve learned to hide in public… it’s a safe place to be, but rather lonely at times.
    how does one stop doing so? I’m not sure….. do you?


    1. I agree, it’s quite a lonely place at times. Although I don’t know how one stops, I’m confident it begins with prayer. When I do risk being cautiously authentic, I want to make sure it’s the correct time and place.

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