Homeschool New Year Resolutions

It’s that time of year when the effects of holiday food prompt many to consider diet and exercise resolutions. This year I’ve decided to consider some homeschool New Year resolutions.

Homeschool New Year Resolutions

Returning to studies after our winter holiday break is never easy. I usually add something to our school time that my kids will find fun. I sought ideas from them and included some in this list.

Homeschool New Year Resolutions:

More life skills – Household chores have provided my kids with great life skill lessons over the years. Responsibilities should increase with age. I want my teens to have confidence in routine tasks like doing laundry, cooking a meal, going grocery shopping, managing a budget, and more. When the day comes for them to leave my home, I want them to know how to successfully manage their own.

Play more – Intentional relational play is so important. Our kids want us to get down on the floor and build legos with them or play a game. It’s easy to be distracted by all the household tasks, but it will all still be there after playtime. As my teens have increased activities away from home, I want to be more intentional with times of fun.

Homeschool New Year Resolutions

Increased physical activities – We have always been a reasonably active family and I’ve never felt the need for an overly structured P.E. course. Winter is an exception as outdoor weather makes it a challenging season to be physically active. We can be intentional with short outdoor walks, setting up ping-pong in the garage, running on the treadmill, and general indoor calisthenics.

Listen more – My kids at home are all teens now. Although they continue to need my instruction, they are developing their own ideas and opinions. I am striving to listen to understand their individual thoughts and feelings.

Homeschool New Year Resolutions

Increase independence – As my kids are getting older, I have to step back and allow more independence.

Let them make mistakes – I’ve often heard it said that experience is the best teacher. As our children grow, they need to be allowed to make their own mistakes. I want my kids to experience mistakes and failure when they are under my care so I can help them learn to work through them.

Stop comparing – Every child has unique talents, learning styles, and interests. If we compare our kids to others, we will begin to question ourselves and potentially hurt our children.

Take a nap – When young kids are still napping, use the time to rest. When they are too old for a nap, give them a book to read on their bed for an hour. Use that hour for guilt-free rest. No child will grow out of an hour of quiet reading, and a busy mom will benefit from an hour nap.

Homeschool New Year Resolutions

Seek refreshing – I am a better parent if I take time to personally be refreshed. Honestly, this is not an area I’m good at. I am intentional with morning quiet time to read and pray, but further support is hard to find. If you have a trusted friend or family member that you can call to go out for coffee and adult conversation, you are blessed indeed. Be intentional to have that time of refreshing.

Remember that motherhood is meaningful and has purpose – We live in a culture that measures worth by our job, personal appearance, earning potential, college degree, and so much more. Motherhood is the hardest job I have ever loved, and the most important. It is the ultimate career!

God hand-picked each one of us for the children we are blessed with. It is an amazing responsibility to help them grow and learn. Skip the traditional yearly declarations and consider some homeschool New Year resolutions. Please leave a comment and add your ideas to the list?

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