How to Plan a Homeschool Day

Welcome to the fifth and final day of the NOT Back to School Blog Hop hosted the Homeschool Review Crew. Today’s topic is on planning and record keeping.

Although my posts are normally scheduled to come out in the mornings, today I experienced some technical glitches. As my family needed a break from social distancing at home, we had gone fishing. I shared pictures on Facebook or Instagram if you’re interested. Spoiler alert, the big one got away!

With so many families adjusting to homeschooling, I’ve received a lot of questions about how to plan a homeschool day. I have a system I like to use to help keep my kids organized and on task.

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I like to use a workbox system, which utilizes a craft drawer cart. Each drawer contains the books and materials needed for a subject. The student begins with the first drawer and works their way down. When assignments are completed the books and materials are placed back into the drawer to be used the following day, and completed work is turned into me for grading.

On each drawer, I have attached two adhesive velcro dots. Using number cards or subject cards, with velcro dots, I am able to label the subject of each drawer or the order of the assignments. If I want my student to work with me, I can attach a second ‘work with mom’ card to alert them not to do the assignment without checking with me.

When my kids were younger, I checked and set up their workbox drawers daily. By setting up each day’s assignments my students learned to work more independently. They did not have to ask me what to do next when an assignment was complete. They knew they could move to their next drawer. They could check with me if they needed help or if a drawer was marked to work with mom.

As my kids are getting older, I make a weekly schedule of assignments. Most of their curriculum contains both a textbook and a workbook. They can follow the written schedule of what pages to read and what assignments to complete. Although one of the kids has transitioned to keeping his books on a shelf, the other two enjoy keeping their books organized in the drawers by subject. They also like to complete assignments in whatever order they choose.

Homeschool Day

You are welcome to use my workbox cards or weekly assignment schedule if you would like to try them for your lesson planning. Just click on the links below to print. The workbox cards last longer if laminated. If you don’t have a laminator I would recommend printing on card stock.

Workbox Labels

Weekly Lesson Plan

I want to encourage my kids toward independent work. Once they have an assignment, they are usually able to complete the work without my direction. The workbox system has provided my kids with the tools to stay organized and complete tasks. I don’t need to tell them what to do after each assignment, but I am available for questions and lessons that need my involvement.

Of course, I often need to remind myself that things do not always go as planned. My day today was proof of that. There will be days when the lessons are not what you planned. Remember to always use a pencil when filling out the weekly lesson plan!

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  1. I have a cart like that which I used for my scrapbooking things. I might need to think about re-using it for my homeschool.

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