Individual Educational Games

Our school year is starting soon. While I’m busy getting books organized and ready, I’m also looking for new individual educational games and activities.

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Homeschooling multiple students at different grade levels can be tricky sometimes. Although I combine lessons as much as possible, it cannot be done with every subject. As my kids each work at a different pace, there are times when one of them may have nothing to do.

My reluctant learner used to disappear when they had a lull in schoolwork. My more active child wanted to immediately update me and engage in a lengthy conversation. I have found individual educational games help eliminate disruptions while maintaining a learning mindset.

I use a workbox system to organize and assign work to my kids. One drawer contains an individual educational game. If they are done with their assignments and need to wait for mom, they can play the game without interrupting other lessons.

Some of our favorite individual games:

Rush Hour is a logic game that develops critical thinking skills. The player sets up the board with a challenge card. They must move the cars to create a path to exit the traffic jam. This is a fun STEM game that is also available in a junior edition recommended for kids as young as five.

Tangrams use pattern blocks to make different shapes. They are a fun learning tool that combines artistic and mathematical elements to build visual perception abilities. I used a wooden set from Melissa & Doug during the preschool years to build fine motor skills. The pieces are colorful and the puzzle patterns are fun. I added Tangoes as my kids got older. It’s a more portable tangram set that offers more challenging puzzles.

Bananagrams use letter tiles to build a crossword grid. This is a fun game to play together or individually. Students can use the tiles to build the alphabet, practice from a spelling list, or just build random words. If my kids need help getting started, I suggest a crossword with a theme such as food, bible, books, or sports.

SmartGames IQ is a brain-teasing puzzle that encourages problem-solving and strategic thinking. Place the puzzle pieces as shown in the chosen challenge, and solve the puzzle using the remaining pieces. There are several versions available and we enjoy them all. These are fun educational toys that come in a convenient travel box. They are great for the classroom or on the go.

Boggle is a classic word game that comes in an easy travel size. It can be played with a competitor, or independently where the student tries to beat their own score. Just shake the letters in the container, flip the timer, and write down as many words as you can find.

Individual educational games have been a wonderful resource in our homeschool classroom over the years. They have helped my busy kids patiently wait for their next instruction without losing a school time focus.

I hope to add some new games to our classroom this year. What are your favorite individual educational games?

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