Lies Girls Believe {Review}

I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

True Girl

One does not need to look far to see the lies spoken to our daughters. Social media, beauty product ads, or the barbs of a mean girl, will all speak lies to our girls. Lies Girls Believe, and the companion book A Mom’s Guide To Lies Girls Believe, will support girls in discovering the truth that will set them free.

lies girls believe

Most girls between the age of 9-12 will be ready for Lies Girls Believe. My daughter is just over the beginning age recommendation, and I am so glad we agreed to review this mother-daughter book set.

Although the books can be read individually, there are significant benefits to reading the material together. The daughter reads a chapter, makes colorful notes, and answers a few questions. At the same time, the mom reads a parallel chapter and is provided with a prayer prompt. After each chapter mother and daughter are encouraged to discuss the topic covered and questions presented.

lies girls believe

Moms are not only encouraged to help their daughters recognize the lies they hear but to recognize their own fears and falsities. We may be believing lies that hinder us from teaching our daughters to walk in truth.

lies girls believe

Topics Include:

Part 1: Truth…or problems!

  • Where do lies come from?
  • Where do lies get their power?
  • Who can set you free?

Part 2: Lies girls believe and the truth that sets them free

  • Lies about God
  • Lies about Myself
  • Lies about My Family
  • Lies about Sin
  • Lies about Being a Girl
  • Lies about Boys
  • Lies about Friendship
  • Lies about the Future

Part 3: The truth that sets you free

  • How to recognize and identify lies
  • How to replace lies with the truth
  • Using truth to be set free

Our Experience:

When our books first arrived, my daughter was quick to grab her copy and start reading. She immediately found the material relatable and did not want to put the book down. We had to intentionally set a routine to read together.

We both found the material engaging and my daughter felt it put words to lies she had heard. In a culture that causes our children to question their identity and worth, the truth presented is refreshing. It is clear and grounding. “Truth Nuggets” throughout the books reinforce points with scripture.

lies girls believe

This is a wonderful study for tweens and young teens. It exposes lies, declares the truth, and encourages mother and daughter communication and unity. I would highly recommend this study. Moms of younger tweens may want to pre-read the material, especially for a more sensitive child.

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