Mandatory testing and voluntary fun

The end of May always marks the end of our school year. Our final week has traditionally been a time for review. This year we’ve added a new activity in required state testing.

Every state is a bit different in requirements for homeschooling. Our state dictates that Columbo has reached the age that he needs to take the standardized test. HSLDA is a good source if you need to check your states requirements.

To my surprise, all of the littles wanted to take a test. Having a strong dislike for test taking myself, I was baffled by their excitement. Thankfully I’ve been reviewing curriculum for next year and was able to print placement tests for Magoo. After taking a spelling test one afternoon, and a math test another, a very proud Magoo was given a grade passing high-five.

IMG_4435Although much of Little Bear’s school year has been filled with busy preschool activities, she’s also been going through workbooks from Rod and Staff. She was happy to complete a book this week and busied herself with Math U See blocks during Magoo’s math test. Thankfully she did not question any further need for “testing.”

With the completion of exams, I am thrilled to officially call it…(cue Alice Cooper)…Schools out for summer!!!

Clearly Little Bear put “Tea Party” on her list

Summer break does not mean an end to learning. Although text books have a purpose, there is much to be discovered during our summer activities and playtime. As I type, the littles are excitedly creating their bucket list of activities they would like to do. I’ll soon be sharing their ideas, a few of my own, and how I keep track of it all.

What is your favorite summer activity?


  1. We don’t have the four seasons here (it’s hot all year round), but it time for a school term break. Lots of outdoor activities planned – a trip to the beach will definitely be on our list!

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