Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!! Are you ready to celebrate the birth of the Savior?

The littles have had a wonderful time with advent activities and scripture reading this month.

Picture 1228
Making paper snowflakes…I think 🙂

Of course, life did not stop so not all of our plans materialized.  What we did do was some of the advent activities, fought a flu bug, had friends over to play (once everyone was over the flu), attended a Christmas party with some of our family in Christ, and more.

Picture 1221
Reading Polar Express while their hot chocolate was cooling
Picture 1231
Preparing Grandma’s Christmas package for mailing.
Picture 1237
Attempts to capture that perfect Christmas photo.

I hope our extended family is reading along for this post. We usually send our Christmas cards with well wishes, pictures, and a letter of our family updates. As you can see, my efforts at a home photo shoot didn’t go so well, and therefore cards did not go out this year…..

Picture 1235
Not the natural look I was hoping for.
Picture 1233
The “are we done YET” looks 🙂

Praying you all have a very blessed Christmas! Special prayers for our family that we do not get to see this season, and those that will be spending the holiday alone. I pray Jesus will wrap you all in His love! Happy Birthday Jesus!!

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