Middle and High School Curriculum

Our full-time school schedule is starting a little slow this year. We took extra time to enjoy community events and some final sunny days of summer. Inevitably, I had to put together our middle and high school curriculum and this week we’ve hit the books.

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I enjoy reading the curricula plans of other homeschooling moms. There’s just something encouraging in hearing their thought process when choosing courses and books specifically for their kids. I often find curriculum ideas and teaching strategies from the plans of others.

I’m sharing the spine of our studies for this year. I will be adding electives and interest-based courses. As I began talking to my kids about our schedule for the year, we had an amusing discussion figuring out what grade of school they are each in. I have always prayerfully decided what they would study for the year, and select grade levels within a curriculum based on the facts they have mastered. I’m listing the kids with grade-level ranges based on age and I hope they are not publicly asked what grade they are actually in.

Johanna 6/7th grade:

  • Bible – Wise Up Wisdom in Proverbs – We started this study over the summer as a review and are continuing with it into our school year.
  • Math – Teaching Textbooks – Sam has used this program for a few years. It became everyones favorite when we reviewed it during our last school year.
  • Science – Apologia Anatomy & Physiology
  • Sonlight World History year 1 of 2 – Covers history, bible, and literature over the period of creation through 1600’s. I will be adding some report writing and other language arts assignments.
  • Creative Writing Studio – This is another gem I found through a review, and will continue using it for occasional writing assignments.
  • Piano

Jacob 9/10th grade:

  • Dyslexia Gold – Although Jacob does not have dyslexia, this program is wonderful exercise for his vision disorder. He will be starting each day engaging his eyes before jumping into academics.
  • Math – Teaching Textbooks
  • Science – Greg Landry Homeschool Science – We did a review of Science Study Skills over the summer, and we have another course the boys are currently taking for a second review. I’ll be sharing our experience with the new course soon.
  • Sonlight World History year 2 of 2 – Covers history, bible, and literature from the 17th century to about 1990. I will be adding research reports to historical topics of interest.
  • Guitar and performance

Jacob is considering elective topics. Music is one of his passions, and he’s recently begun writing songs. He’s been a reluctant writer over the years, so I was delighted when he asked for a vocabulary course to support his efforts. I’m quickly looking for a program to suit him before he changes his mind.

Sam 11/12th grade:

Technically I would call Sam a senior this year, but the pandemic really impacted his junior year studies. While reviewing The HomeScholar, I was introduced to the idea of a super senior year. It would allow Sam two years to complete courses and still have time to pursue personal interest learning. A super senior year is not for everyone, but Sam is welcoming the time to claim last year’s missed opportunities.

  • Math – Teaching Textbooks
  • Bible – Assigned reading and memorization.
  • Science – Greg Landry Homeschool Science
  • Sonlight 20th Century Literature and Language Arts – This is a wonderful selection of quality literature, with weekly writing assignments designed to develop literary analysis, creative writing, research, and essay skills.
  • Music and performance

Sam is considering elective courses to add throughout the year. We are looking for a course in career exploration, and game design, or other technology-related courses.

All three kids are involved in music classes through a local music organization. They are learning skills in music production, audio mixing, and live sound. Sam and Jacob have performed in a local summer program for a few years and are excited to expand their knowledge. Johanna began piano lessons through the music organization over the summer. She is currently learning at home until our state’s covid restrictions allow her to attend class in person again.

I am enjoying getting into a routine for our new school year. I’m really happy with our curriculum choices and look forward to watching my kids learn and grow throughout the year. Share your favorite curriculum in the comments, or a link to your homeschool plan for this year.

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