Organizing the evidence of life

I have a confession to make. I’m horribly disorganized! That is not to say I’m a slob. No, I am actually a bit OCD about liking a tidy home. Just don’t open a closet without caution nor hope to easily maneuver through my storeroom.

With the arrival of fall weather, several weeks ago, I found we are indoors much more. Despite my regular mantra of “a place for every thing and every thing in its place” life is constantly happening all around me. After tripping over the evidence of life laying about the house, I prayed for help.

As much of my day revolves around homeschooling, I have begun in the area of my storeroom designated to homeschool supplies. To clear out some much needed shelf space, I repackaged some of our puzzles.How to organize puzzlesUsing some quart sized slide closure storage bags, I turned a stack of puzzles into a small basket of puzzles. I cut the picture of the puzzle from the box and taped it to the bag with clear box tape.How to organize puzzlesI was so impressed with the space change I got some gallon sized storage bags for some of the larger pieced puzzles. The slide closure is easy for the littles to open and close, and a bag fits easily into our school workboxes. How to organize puzzlesNote: I did learn that Hefty brand has the most secure slide closure.

The wonderful evidence of life is still all around my house, but it’s beginning to feel more organized. The organized clutter of life feels almost tidy.


  1. It’s those small things that are so helpful sometimes. We are working through some fall cleaning now too.

  2. Yes, I did the same thing with our puzzles. Then, I started looking around to see what else I can put in zip bags. 🙂 What a great invention!

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