Picture perfect

Summer is such a beautiful season for weddings. With the sun shining brightly and flowers in full bloom, it all seems the perfect setting. Recently we had the privilege to attend my nieces wedding and it was picture perfect.

A picture perfect wedding


Many young girls dream of every detail of their wedding, and how perfect it will be. I recall as a small child thinking I would grow up, be swept off my feet by prince charming, have a fairytale wedding, and live happily ever after. What I did not understand, as a child, was a wedding is only the act of marrying. It is the ceremony or celebration of the marriage.

A picture perfect wedding

Throughout my nieces wedding, I was struck by the commitment and love displayed by the happy bride and groom. The joy of their relationship seemed contagious throughout the family and friends in attendance.

As I watched the groom look upon his lovely new bride during their first dance as husband and wife, I couldn’t help but consider the words at creation, it is not good for man to be alone.

A picture perfect wedding

As the evening progressed, and the couple prepared to depart, I couldn’t help but wonder about their future. They began the day as individuals, but would leave united. How would they face the challenges of life. After all, the Apostle Paul  said those who marry will face many troubles in this life. (1Cor. 7:28b)

As I looked across the faces of family I found an answer. Although my family is so good at putting the funk in dysfunctional, we are family. As I watched my own children with their grandma, aunt, uncle, and cousins, I considered my niece at a younger age. She has a family that loves and cherishes her. I believe her daddy set the bar high on how she should expect to be loved and treated.

Yes, there will be troubles in life for this new couple. There will also be joy. There will be pain. There will be laughter. I pray they will face each trial while in close union. I pray they always remember the love and joy of their wedding day, throughout their marriage. I pray love and laughter will overshadow every challenge, and that their marriage will be more picture perfect then the wedding.

Yes, this is good! This is family!


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