Random Facts I’ve Learned From My Dog

Two years ago we had prayerfully considering expanding our family via pet adoption. After many weeks of searching for that perfect mid-sized dog that would be good with kids, we found an ad for a half Standard Poodle puppy. There was some scandal about the breed of the sire. Despite her questionable genetics the littles quickly fell in love and we brought our bundle of black fur home and named her Rosie. Upon finalizing her adoption, the breeder suggested her father was a Boston Terrier. Currently weighing in at almost 70 lbs, we’re pretty sure she’s part Newfoundland. That would make her some mix of Newfypoo.

With a rather unique personality and very strong will, I have been amazed by the random facts Rosie has shared with us. Always ready to share, with wagging tail, here’s a list from Rosie:

Random facts I've learned from my dog

  1. My name is Rosie. I am a ninja. I am Ninja Dog!
  2. I own my humans. I let them think they own me.
  3. Mom is awesome and super smart.
  4. Ball? Did someone say ball?!?
  5. Always suck up to mom. She controls the food dish. Refer to #3
  6. When on a walk, there are no strangers. There are friends not yet made…..unless they smell funny.
  7. If you want to go to the doggie spa, roll in something that stinks.
  8. I participate in community service. Currently I’m training a young London Bobbie. I am Ninja Dog! Random facts I've learned from my dog
  9. Despite what my little humans say, guinea pigs ARE furry balls with legs.
  10. When hearing the front door being unlocked, bark loudly!!! Either dad will receive a loud welcome or a stranger will be freaked out.
  11. When mom comes home, greet her at the door quietly with wagging tail.
  12. “Light! LIGHT!! Dad, I will take chase and save you from that rogue red cat toy laser light…..hey, wait, we don’t have a cat…..” Dad is a little off.
  13. Note to self: legos do not break down during digestion.
  14. My small humans should never pet another dog. Ever! I will know. I am Ninja Dog!
  15. Always be watchful of the dog in the fireplace. I can see it through the glass doors when the light is just right. Although dad laughs at me and says it’s my reflection, he’s a bit off.
  16. I know that B-O-N-E spells bone. Despite what they may think, I’m an excellent speller. I pay attention during homeschooling!!
  17. Mom buys me really cool water toys in the summer. “I’m gonna get it…gonna get it….”Random facts I've learned from my dog
  18. Mom trusts my growls at strange smelling humans, even though she tells me to be quiet. Refer to #3
  19. Always protect mom and the little humans. Although dads a little off, mom seems to like him, so protect him too.
  20. You are never too big to need your parents…..even if they are a little off. Random facts I've learned from my dog

What have you learned from your dog?


  1. Hahaha, I love this! We have two Golden Retrievers and a Toy Poodle. I “get” this post. It was very well written. Thanks for the big smile and chuckle! Passing this one on! 🙂

    1. Thanks! I’m thrilled someone else understands. 😉 It sounds like you have a lot of fun K9 personality in your family!

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