Resurrection To Revolution Timeline {Review}

I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Homeschool in the Woods

Timelines are a wonderful tool to help kids visualize historical events. We have been enjoying some history review using Timeline Set: Resurrection to Revolution (0 -1799 AD) from Home School in the Woods.

My kids retain more when I add hands-on learning to our studies. We previously reviewed US Elections lap-pak from Home School in the Woods, so I was eager to use their timeline.

What we received:

I received a digital download with five separate documents. The introduction provided great tips to use and display a timeline. It includes a list of over 280 black and white historical figures and events within the set.

The timeline figures come in four different formats. There are two different sizes to use for either a notebook or wall timeline. Each size comes with the title and date of the historical figure, or with additional text description.

How we used the timeline:

My kids chose the Resurrection to Revolution timeline. Many of the events my high school boys have already studied, but are reviewing. It also covers the time period of the history curriculum my daughter will begin studying this fall.

As we are on our summer break with a very light academic load, I knew I needed to get creative to keep my kids engaged. I decided to use the timeline figures to create a game.

The kids colored pages from the wall-sized figures that only had the title and dates. We cut out about 30 individual events and glued them onto pieces of card stock I had cut to the size of a standard playing card. I printed the coordinating pages of figures that included the description. I kept those sheets for myself as the game facilitator.

To play the game I drew a card from the deck, but did not show it to the kids. I read the historical description aloud, and the first child to identify the person or event won the card. The person with the most cards at the end of the game won.

We did need to adjust the rules the first few times we played. We added a bell to determine who could answer first, and nobody could ring the bell until the full description was read.

A chronological timeline puts people and events into a visual order. In addition to creating a traditional timeline during our history studies, we will be using the set for report writing and biography pages.

The review crew has been using other timelines and activity packs from Home School in the Woods. Click on the images below for additional reviews.

Hands On History with Homeschool in the Woods

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