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I’m excited to start the 2021 year by reviewing the Ultimate PreK-12 Annual Membership from This is my family’s second year using SchoolhouseTeachers, and we are enjoying it more each year.


SchoolhouseTeacher is a homeschooling curriculum site that offers classes for preschool through high school. Course materials are downloadable or online, and there are no books or extra materials to purchase.

Additional courses and resources are available for parents such as bible studies, marriage enrichment, parenting tips, scheduling and recordkeeping tools, and more. There are wonderful tools to help organize both your homeschool and household. Membership also provides access to a parent ebook library and a video library full of wholesome entertainment and educational content for the entire family.

With two high schoolers in my house I have been utilizing the High School Help to assist in preparing them for potential college preparedness and successful futures. The membership includes access to a video tutorial that has helped me navigate the site resources, and to access a number of ebooks and record-keeping tools.

Getting Started

There are over 475 courses available for PreK-12. It’s easy to get started from the menu bar on the home screen. The school boxes are a great place to start as a new homeschooler, or a veteran homeschooler wanting planning help. The school boxes have already selected the courses you need for an engaging year of learning.

I like to use the school boxes as a guide. I can make changes so each course is the best fit for my kids. Selections are not limited to grade level or subject. I’ve always believed children need to grow and learn at their own pace, so I appreciate the flexibility to build my own curriculum based on the needs and interests of my children. I can adjust lessons to spend more time on a challenging subject or can move to a higher grade level if they are advancing more quickly.

Some Ways We Use

My favorite thing about the site is how I can add something new to our schedule without buying a new curriculum. The courses are not live, so they can be started anytime.

We took a break from our core studies during the holiday season, and Johanna was excited to start the Breadmaking Devotional course. The 12-unit course teaches students everything they need to know to get started baking bread. Lessons include kitchen tools and safety, baking terms, various types of bread and grains, and much more. It covers the science and principles behind breadmaking and how bread is woven throughout biblical history. Within the course, there are lessons pointing to Jesus the Bread of Life.

Johanna is already comfortable in the kitchen so I easily adjusted the lessons to better fit her. On her first attempt at a wheat bread, she chose a suggested alteration and made trinity rolls instead of a loaf.

Returning to a regular school schedule is often challenging after our holiday break. I find it wise to add something new and fun for each of my kids. Johanna loves to learn in the kitchen, so is content to continue the Breadmaking Devotional. Last year Jacob took Photography and is considering if he’s ready to advance to the Photography Challenge course.

There are many wonderful course options and resources available to meet your homeschooling needs at Click on the image below to read reviews from other members of the Homeschool Review Crew. - Every Subject - Every Grade - Every Student { Reviews 2021}


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