SpellingShed and MathShed {Review}

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.


Digital learning is a fun way to keep homeschooled students engaged during the school year and to continue learning through the summer. My daughter Johanna was excited to add SpellingShed and MathShed to our school time.

What we received:

We received a one-year subscription for both SpellingShed and MathShed. The membership allowed me to set up a parent account, and up to five students. Initially, Johanna explored and played the games. She spent the most time in SpellingShed.

Spelling and Math Facts


Within SpellingShed a student can practice a list of ten spelling words while playing fun games. There are multiple levels they can choose from, with different degrees of difficulty. The initial game says the word and displays it with correct spelling. The student then spells it themselves.

Spelling and Math Facts

Bonus games within each level included Bee Keeper and Missing Words. In Bee Keeper the student chooses letters to find a hidden word. The Missing Word game gives the student a sentence and they must choose the correctly spelled word to complete the sentence.

Spelling and Math Facts

Spelling and Math Facts

Spelling and Math Facts

Games that are not associated with a spelling list are called Buzz games. The student is provided with a list of letters to build their own words.

Game Rewards:

In each game, correct answers earn points that are reflected in a honey pot. Points are used to buy accessories for the student’s avatar.

Spelling and Math Facts

Teacher Tools:

In addition to the custom word list provided by SpellingShed, I was able to create my own list for Johanna to practice. Through my parent account, I could access the Teacher Hub to create word lists from her spelling curriculum. I assigned each list to her, and set dates for the assignments. I was able to add several weeks of assignments at one time. She could play all of the games within SpellingShed using the words from her own spelling list. I also had the ability to assign math practice.


Although math is not my girl’s favorite subject, she did enjoy MathShed. Students can practice math facts of adding and subtracting, times tables, power of 10, negative numbers, and more. As with SpellingShed, correct answers earn points toward accessories for the student’s avatar.

Math Facts

The drills are a fun way to practice math facts. The student can choose the game to be easy, medium, or hard. As they improve their scores they can increase the level of personal challenge.

Math Facts

Our Opinion:

Johanna enjoyed the digital option for practicing spelling and math facts. She preferred SpellingShed as she felt the games were more interesting. Her academic preference for words over numbers could also be a contributing factor to her opinion.

I found SpellingShed and MathShed to be wonderful resources to support our homeschool curriculum. Visit the Review Crew to see how other families used these programs.

Spelling Shed & Math Shed {Education Shed Reviews}

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