Spring Fever

Spring has arrived in full glory where I live. The sun is shining, birds are singing and flowers are beginning to bloom. While it’s beautiful outside, there is a mood of restlessness in our homeschool. This is the time of year my kids get a bad case of spring fever.

spring fever

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My kids experience spring fever every year. We only have a few more months before summer break, and they are anxious for activity. I’ve learned a few tricks to redirect their restless energy and still finish the school year strong.

Combat Spring Fever:

Take school outside – Take books to the back deck, or spread a blanket on the ground and have outdoor school. Read-a-louds are the best outside on a warm spring afternoon. Go crazy and make a picnic lunch too.

Go on nature walks – There are so many beautiful changes happening in nature during spring. Give each student paper on a clipboard to note the changes they see, or use a sketch pad to draw observations. Take a camera to capture photos. You don’t need a special destination. A walk around your neighborhood, a park, or even your backyard will provide many spring observations.

Declare a spring break – Take a week off and just have fun with your kids. Play outside, start garden preparations, or spring clean flowerbeds. Be sure to check the weather forecast for warmer days and avoid any spring showers.

Take a sun day – Our homeschool doesn’t usually experience winter snow days, but we love a good sun day. It’s a great alternative if you prefer not to take a week-long spring break. Plan a trip to the park or go on a picnic in the yard.

Plan more P.E. – Get out the yard toys from winter storage. Use dollar store hula hoops, balls, jump ropes, etc. to set up a backyard obstacle course. Use a timer to see how fast your kids can run through it. Plan a park activity with other homeschool families.

Go on a hike – Get the kids involved in mapping and planning a local hike. Have older students research hiking safety. Hiking Project is a fun site offering thousands of trails across the US and around the globe. My older kids look for local trails online and we use the app to track our progress and save our favorite locations.

Create a bird-friendly backyard – Make a nesting box for arriving spring birds. There are a lot of craft ideas online for homemade bird feeders or a simple birdbath. You never know, you might even get lucky and have birds nest where you can make observations.

spring fever

Spring activities may feel like more work, but kids need an outlet for restless energy. I adjust our bookwork for active learning while reminding myself that education is not just math and reading.

When spring fever hits my classroom, learning does not have to stop. Encouraging my kids toward outside activities gives them an outlet for their energy, and nurtures their love of learning. How do you combat spring fever?


  1. what great ways to respond to spring fever. we certainly get out more for walks and do more gardening in the back yard. 🙂

    1. As my kids are getting older it feels harder to find active learning opportunities. We have recently begun garden preparations, but only my youngest still thinks it’s fun. The boys groan that it’s a lot of work. 😉

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