The End: A Bible Prophecy Study for Teens {Review}

I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Cheri Fields

Bible reading has always been a priority in our homeschool lessons. When my kids began asking to study the book of Revelation and end times, I wanted to find a good study aide. I welcomed the opportunity to review The End: A Bible Prophecy Study for Teens by author Cheri Fields.

When I accepted this review, I knew I would preread the book before using it with my teens. I believe it’s important to be familiar with any study tools I offer to my kids, especially those related to biblical studies. My husband was home the day this book arrived and did a significant portion of the prereading.

Bible prophecy study

About the book:

The book begins with the first two chapters explaining why prophecy is important and how it’s found throughout the Bible. It describes how some prophecies have already been fulfilled while others remain yet to be seen. The author notes there is dissension among those who study the Bible and how not everyone agrees on which exact prophecies have been fulfilled.

The reader is encouraged to compare the study of the Bible to that of being a detective and gathering information from witnesses. The information learned is suggested to be like the assembly of a jigsaw puzzle, and how one needs to study the Bible to be able to fully see where the pieces fit.

Even though the book is called The End, the study begins with prophecy in Daniel. It progresses through the key chapters and covers how the prophecies were either fulfilled or are still waiting to be fulfilled. Verses are referenced, but not written out. Students need to dig into their own Bible to follow along.

In addition to Daniel, other Old Testament prophecies are discussed. The author calls these the odds and ends and includes the Great Prophecy of the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Students are referred to various Old and New Testament passages.

The study digs into Revelation approximately a third of the way through the book. Within Revelation, John, or the speaker, refers to Old Testament scripture or ideas to try and explain the events that are unfolding before John’s eyes. The author draws out key elements of each chapter, to explain the various imagery.

Student Use:

This study for teens requires referencing a Bible. As students follow along with scripture in Revelation, they can turn back to an Old Testament scripture to see how it affects the meaning or helps to understand what the writer is trying to say.

There are no study questions. The book could be read independently, read aloud and discussed, or a combination. As a family, we have read the first chapters together. Our teens have preferred to continue independently, going between the book and their Bible, and finishing each chapter with family discussion.

In Conclusion:

The book is written as a Bible study for teens and the author has done a good job in writing at their level. The material is presented in a way that keeps their attention. It would be a good resource for anyone wanting an interesting study to help clarify the often confusing elements within Revelation.

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