Top Secret Team Spy Kit – DIY


Sibling rivalry is something I expect every family with multiple children must deal with at some time, and my family is no exception. This week when I heard my boys playing and making up a “secret club” I was thrilled to hear they were including their little sister. I was quick to consider how I might encourage their creativity and cooperation.

With a trip to the Dollar store for a few supplies, it wasn’t long before the littles were on to me. With their suggestions and supervision I embarked on my mission.

Wanting to keep the project frugal, I searched our stash of recycled supplies and came up with just the right box to get started.


Once covered, rope handle attached, secret code locking device installed, the box turned into a Top Secret Team Spy Kit.


What good is a spy team without proper communication?!? With inspiration from here I cut cardboard in the shape of iPhone’s. I glued on images of  iPhone’s and covered them with clear boxing tape before inserting them into cases I found at the dollar store.


The interior of the spy kit was a bit more challenging given the pressure of the close supervision by the littles. I used extra cardboard to make a couple of storage compartments for the spy phones and secret disguises. Using my hot glue gun, I was able to attach some scraps of elastic to make storage for night vision tools and secret note pads. I made a spy lap top with a travel baby wipe container and printables from Inner Child Fun.


In the end I spent about $10 on new items for the kit. If the littles had not been shopping with me, I had planned to have them make their own binoculars out of recycled paper towel rolls.

The littles were excited to use their new kit, and even added additional tools mom had not considered. For their first mission the spy team set off to capture and relocate any and all insects hiding inside the house.


Little Bear felt the assignment required extra stealth and set off in full disguise.


If their mission is a success, this mom is praying the relocation portion of the mission is conducted OUTSIDE!!

Be aware this message could self destruct in 10…9…8……

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  1. This is SO cute! My kids would eat this up! Too fun! Can’t wait to try it! I have been trying to play more!! We played dentist today, and i felt better after my son assured me that he has his “toothbrush license”! I may have to get in on the spy fun! Dollar Store, here we come!

    1. With all that technology has to offer, I have been enjoying how creative the littles have been with the spy laptop and iPhones!! I expected them to discard them and wait for their monitored electronic time. I was very pleasantly surprised!! 🙂

      1. It’s certainly a joy to see them having fun with simple DIY toys and their imagination 🙂

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