Valentine Lessons In Love


Valentine’s Day is not a holiday I have ever given much attention to. I feel we should show love every day, and never saw the need for a big commercial fuss. I usually bake heart-shaped cookies and plan a simple Valentine-themed craft. This year seemed a great time to give my littles a Valentine’s lesson in love.

Over my years of motherhood, I have come to recognize boys don’t naturally exhibit displays of love. Oh, they would argue. They are happy to dole out an occasional punch in the arm, witty insult, elbow jab to the ribs, or a hug so tight I fear a bone will break. Although that may be fine and good for the boys, my daughter and I are failing to feel the love.

This week for Valentine’s Day, I talked to my kids about love languages. They were quick to recall what they knew from a prior reading of A Perfect Pet for Peyton. We read 1 Corinthians 13, followed by creating our own list of what they understood love meant.

Their assignment for the week was to write a daily message for each sibling about why they loved them. I provided heart-shaped paper and directions to leave the messages on their siblings’ doors. Although Little Bear was delighted, the boys were initially skeptical.

Valentine Lessons In Love

A couple of days into the week, and seeing the number of hearts growing on the doors, love began to abound. The boys beamed as they read the messages they received. They became much more excited to come up with words we girls found approving. Soon messages appeared on Mom and Dad’s door too.

Valentine Lessons In Love

Learning to communicate love is vital in friendships, family relationships, and marriage. I believe families are built by God, and the selection of each member is no accident. As a family, we are learning together how to love and be loved. Although we are responsible to love each other every day of the year, Valentine’s is a great time to offer lessons in love.

Love never fail 1 Cor. 13:8a

Discover your love language, or that of your child, at 5 Love Languages.


  1. Tammy Arana says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for sharing and that I love you…….and the “littles” too!

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