Vintage toy sparks Christmas fun

I am amazed that Christmas is next week. It feels like just yesterday I was preparing for a summer outing with only a hint of homeschool curriculum in my thoughts. I’m not sure how the time passed so quickly, but with it went many activities and thoughts of great blog posts. With a few quiet moments I seem to have found, I’ll share how we’ve taken fond memories from my childhood, and mixed them with a current holiday fad.

I think most everyone has heard of Elf on the Shelf. It seems, in recent years, it’s become a popular activity in many homes. If you’ve read my views on Santa vs Savior, you may assume we’re kind of boring. The fact is, we actually have a great deal of fun at Christmas.

When recently cleaning out some storage boxes, I found a few childhood toys. Among them was an elf on the shelf. At least I think that’s what he was. I just remember playing with him year round, and calling him Elfy. Not a very creative name, I know. I’m guessing my sister named him for me. (oops, she follows this blog…love you sis!!)

The littles were so excited to examine my childhood toys, and pressed me for as many memories as I could recall. They were especially appalled and sympathetic when I told them how I had awoken one night to find auntie tugging on my teddy bear in her efforts to steal him. (True story! The therapy is helping….)

Having recently watched the animated Elf on the Shelf movie, the littles wanted my old and tattered Elfy to sit on our mantel. Although dad teased that an elf in the house could only mean mischief, they were ready to play along.

We were slow getting our holiday decor up, but Elfy was ready to get Christmas underway…..

Elf on the Shelf makes Ballerina Snowflakes

The littles were thrilled to set aside school books to cut paper snowflakes. Little Bear especially liked the snowflake ballerina.

Elf on the Shelf makes Ballerina Snowflakes

The littles were pretty sure dad was behind the request for cookies.

Elf on the Shelf makes Ballerina Snowflakes

As we’re finishing lessons and moving into our Christmas break, I expect to see Elfy announcing even more activities for our day. Although I’m not sure how much longer I can prevent dad from strapping him to the ceiling fan to demonstrate that mischievous side.

Along with our silliness with Elfy, we are also enjoying reading through The Jesse Tree and using the study from Confessions of a Homeschooler.Ā  The littles and I are enjoying making some of our gifts and I’ll share our projects as we get them finished later this week.

What are your special Christmas traditions?


  1. I most certainly didn’t try to steal your precious teddy and why in the world would I name an elf, “Elfie”! Ppsshhttt! I would have come up with something much more original. I think your deminished mental capacities are affecting your memories

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