Vocabulary Virtuoso {Review}

I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Critical Thinking Co.

My daughter is an avid reader but often brushes over unfamiliar words. As I have been looking for lessons to improve her language skills, I welcomed the opportunity to review Vocabulary Virtuoso: Mastering Middle School Vocabulary from The Critical Thinking Co.


About the study:

We received a print workbook of Vocabulary Virtuoso containing fifteen lessons covering 180 PSAT vocabulary words. The program is recommended for grades 6-8.


Each lesson covers twelve vocabulary words. Students are given definitions, pronunciation, and parts of speech. A list of alternate choices for each word includes synonyms, phrases, and idioms.


Six exercises are included with each lesson. Students complete sentences by filling in blanks, a word scramble to reinforce accurate spelling, and various sentence writing exercises.


Within some exercises, different forms of words from the list are used. This allows the student to see other variations of the original word, expanding how they can use the words in more context.

Our experience:

Workbooks are not Johanna’s preferred lesson format. Initially, she sped through the exercises.

Once she slowed down, she noticed several familiar words within a list from books she’s read. She thought she fully understood a word’s meaning by reading it in context but found the vocabulary lessons offer more insight.

Johanna is finding the lesson exercises to be interesting. Some of the sentences and stories are entertaining and make the work more enjoyable.

I am delighted the lessons are adding to Johanna’s vocabulary and language skills. We will continue to use Vocabulary Virtuoso: Mastering Middle School Vocabulary as part of our homeschool curriculum.

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