Wordless Wednesday ~ Capture The Shot

We took some time recently to get out for a walk at our local aviary. Despite it being a gray dull day, Jacob took the camera hoping it would brighten enough to capture some good shots. I pulled out my phone to show how this photographer tried to capture the shot. On our last trip to the aviary, he practically laid in goose poo to take what he was sure would be a perfect photo.


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Our aviary is in a park with a large area protected by a chain-link fence. It also has a walking path around an open pond, beautiful grounds, and landscape features.  You can see pictures he took in a prior Wordless Wednesday at the Aviary that increased that day’s laundry.

During this outing, he practiced his photography skills on a water feature. He was laying on the ground for most of the shots, and altered his focus on different areas.

Photography takes a lot of practice. It’s truly an art when you consider not only what the photographer sees, but the interesting positions they get into to capture the shot. Jacob is beginning to research equipment and is hoping for a new lens to better capture the movement of nature.

If you have a student interested in photography, check out the course at Schoolhouseteachers.com. It’s just one of the courses we use. They offer a full curriculum for every grade.


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