Words Rock Online {Review}

I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.


I’m always looking for fun ways to practice language lessons. I was thrilled to see my kids enjoying our time reviewing Words Rock Online from EdAlive.

Words Rock Online is a game-based learning program for K-10th grades. It covers both basic and advanced grammar skills, spelling, punctuation, and vocabulary.

The program works through automated adaptive learning. It is a system using complex algorithms to analyze and adjust a student’s learning level. This allows the questions to increase in challenge of each individual student’s pace. The system works in real-time, moving a student forward in the level of difficulty with each correct answer or decrease to take the time needed to achieve mastery.

The game is a battleship style with players working to capture slugs. Players can choose if they want a basic game with 49 tiles to explore, or an advanced game with 100 tiles. The basic game takes less time to play and is appropriate for younger students. The advanced game is more complex and includes gadgets that can be purchased with points. The gadgets add an additional element of game strategy that is fun for older students.

Players take turns choosing a tile block in hopes of locating a slug. Points are awarded for the tile chosen and if a slug is hit or near. A language arts question is included in each round where bonus points can be earned for correct answers.

A student’s activity can be monitored through the parent account. Progress reports are easy to access with information reflecting a student’s activity.

Our experience with the program:

Initially, I planned to assign the work for this review to Johanna as she’s my youngest student. I planned to include Jacob, but he’s at the top of the age/grade for the program so I wasn’t sure if he would be as challenged.

Once the kids began exploring the program and playing their first game, I was pleasantly surprised that Sam, my upper high school student, was looking over their shoulders and giving advice. He loves spelling but avoids any other kind of grammar whenever possible. He agreed to join his younger siblings for a few rounds of the game and they really enjoyed it.

Students can choose to host a game where other students can use a code to join. We had a few rounds where the kids enjoyed playing together. The adaptive learning allowed them each to play at their academic level making the game aspect more competitive. I even joined in for a game or two. I confess I did not win, but in my defense, they selected to play an advanced game and had already caught on to the strategy of using gadgets.

As EdAlive is an Australian based company, the kids were quick to point out the fun accent of the occasional verbal prompts. They also enjoyed brainstorming what Australian animal could have possibly inspired the slugs they were trying to capture in the game.

Johanna is continuing to use the program for summer learning. She finds the game style fun and engaging.

This is a wonderful program for my older boys to review language skills they have already learned and to identify the areas they still need to work on. This program will challenge older students.

There is an option to use the program without playing the game, and only answering the questions. I will be using that feature more in the fall when we return to full time school.

We are thoroughly enjoying Words Rock Online. It’s a fun approach to practicing and improving language art skills. It’s a wonderful tool for summer learning and will add fun to our language lessons during the school year.

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  1. We’re delighted to hear that Words Rock Online was so much fun for the whole family! 😀

    I must confess that even as an adult there are some questions on the upper end that had me thinking hard, so I’m glad that you found it works well with your older children as well. As the patterns of your children’s strengths and weaknesses appear over time, I recommend using the content select option to help reinforce some practice in the areas where they struggle.

    I hope you all enjoy the remainder of your subscription! Thank you for your review 😀

    1. Thank you so much for the opportunity! It has been a fun way to continue learning through summer, and will definitely be utilized during our school year.

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